Henna Brows

Henna brows is a type of treatment designed to tint the hairs on the brows for up to 6 weeks and leave stain on the skin for up to 14 days. This treatment is perfect if you like having your brows filled every day.

Amy will design the shape for you and help you chose a colour that is best suited to your colouring and personal style.

Will my brows be dark or red?

Henna has been around for thousands of years and has until recently been used mostly for hair dye, body art and makeup. A lot of people associate henna with the colour red but henna for brows is specially formulated to have a much cooler undertone, which is perfect for brows.

There is henna for every brow and hair colour, all of which can be blended to create a shade to suit you perfectly- there isn’t one brow shape and colour that suits all.

Do I need a patch test?

Yes you will need a patch test at least 24hours prior to your treatment.

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